GBMC’s Breast Cancer Center

Join Us in the Fight Against Breast Cancer

GBMC's Breast Cancer Center

Saffer Plumbing, Heating & Electrical is proud to support the Breast Cancer Center at GBMC. When you call Saffer – you help to support local charities we all care about!

Saffer Plumbing, Heating & Electrical has a unique pink Van traveling around the area, providing plumbing services and making a difference to the community.

A portion of the proceeds generated by this van will be donated to support breast cancer patients in our community. One month of this van’s travels will cover the cost to transport one breast cancer patient to and from the Breast Cancer Center at GBMC for the duration of their treatment. Thanks for choosing Saffer plumbing heating & electrical and helping to support us as we give back to our community.

As owners of a local, 4th generation family business in the Baltimore community, Chris Saffer and his wife Lindsay understand the importance of a business being part of the community. They are always looking for ways to partner with others to give back. Chris said. The people that call us to fix their toilets are the same people who themselves or their family are going to be struck with the horrors of cancer. We want to make life better for our customers and people like our customers.

Chris is part of the Service Nation Alliance, an organization of plumbing, heating, electrical, and HVAC contractors from across the country that work together to share ideas and resources. And when he heard an idea in a recent meeting, it was a bright pink lightbulb that wouldn’t go away. “I would love to tell you it was my idea to go with the pink van, but a company elsewhere in the country did something like this for similar reasons – to help folks in their local community who were suffering from breast cancer,” Chris said. “I wanted to express how expensive it is on an individual basis for one person to get treatment.”

The Breast Cancer Center at GBMC is Maryland’s largest comprehensive community program. Being a multiple disciplinary care program, it inspires consistent patient satisfaction scores in the 99 percentiles. They treat patients well into survivorship, consisting of long-term treatment. If your loved one has been diagnosed with cancer, you may be wondering what you can do to help. GBMC's Breast Cancer Center encourages you to be an active member of your loved one's care team. Additionally, we recognize the demands of caring for a loved one with cancer and understand that you may need support too. Our Oncology Support Services Center houses a Cancer Resource Center, which is designed to address the vast array of cancer-related informational and educational needs of both patients and loved ones.

Learn more about The Breast Cancer Center:

Thanks to generous donors like you, patients of The Breast Cancer Center receive care that puts their needs first. As Maryland’s largest comprehensive community cancer program, GBMC earns patient satisfaction scores in the 99th percentile nationally.

A full program of support services, as well as Integrative and Palliative Medicine, means that the oncologists at GBMC are treating the whole patient – and their caregivers. With 60+ clinical trials ongoing, our patients have access to leading-edge treatments that are rare in community hospitals.

Gifts of any size can make a significant impact. Your gift will support excellent professionals, remove barriers to care for those who lack resources, and provide needed services that are not covered by insurance.

Here are a few examples of what a donation might cover for our patients: $25 gift: pays for a patient’s ride to GBMC for treatment (one way) $120 gift: provides a patient’s massage therapy treatment to soothe muscles and ease stress. $225 gift: provides acupuncture treatments to relieve pain for a cancer patient.

Donate to the Breast Cancer Center:!/donation/checkout

Join Us in Supporting Breast Cancer Patients in Our Community

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